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Welcome, Friend.

If you’ve taken time to read one of my books or columns, that’s what I consider you – a reading comrade. If you’re new to my work, welcome to you as well!

Whether my fictional characters, nonfiction work or speaking endeavors have led you here, I hope you’ll find this website to be a source of encouragement and inspiration – a place that lures you to enjoy the written word and appreciate your life’s journey.

Ultimately, that’s my calling as a writer - to provide modern-day parables in the form of fiction, and musings or expert insight through my journalistic work, that help you:

  • Recognize your worth and value others;
  • Discover your purpose and pursue it with joy and courage;
  • Forgive generously – yourself included;
  • Love deeply, and
  • Live fully - embracing opportunities or change, enjoying each day's simple gifts, viewing broken places as steppingstones to a wiser, better you.

Tall order, huh? We all have fits and starts, but wherever you are in this season, know that even in the valley you can look up and see the stars. Keep aiming for them. That’s the message I hope my writing and my speaking deliver, whatever the particular plot or theme.

While you're here, please take time to sign my guestbook and share your thoughts. Also visit my Twitter and Facebook pages and add me as a friend, so that we can stay in touch regularly.

Thanks so much for your support – you make what I do purposeful!

Warmest Regards,


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